How To Solve It


Steps in solving a problem

Step 1: Understand the problem. Step 2: Devise a plan to solve the problem Step 3: Carry out the plan Step 4: Look back and review

Understanding the problem

Ask the following questions: What are the data? What are the conditions? What are the unknown? Have we utilised all the information? For problems to prove, hypothesis and conclusion are principle parts. For problems to find, data and conditions are principle parts. Can the problem be represented as a figure? If so, draw a figure.

Steps for arriving at solution

To arrive at a solution, we have to recall various facts, theorems, definitions and formerly solved problems from our memory. Information must be mobilized, organized and adapted to the problem at hand.

Carrying out the plan - start from the idea that leads to the solution. Look back and review - during review, we may find a new way to arrive at the solution or discover a new technique to solve the problem.