An abandoned experiment - Translating FastAPI documentation to tamil


It started with an ambitious idea - translate Python documentation to tamil.

The reason I wanted to do this project was:

I thought let's experiment with a smaller project - converting FastAPI documentation to Tamil and so I took on the project in October 2022. I gave myself an agenda of converting first 3 pages of fastapi documentation to tamil by Oct 31, 2022.

The first weekend of October, I went to Thiruvarur district library where I got a dicitonary of english-tamil translations of technical terms and made a copy of important terms, like framework etc. Then, I started docs translation.

Some of the challenges which I faced were:

I realised that I will not able to allocate the required bandwidth for translating the docs due to other commitments and I moved the project to my todo list. Meanwhile, if you are interested in translation, here are some helpers: